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Postnatal Massage Your Gynae Will Approve Of

ALEYDA Mobile Spa provides safe and non-traditional postnatal / postpartum massage that agrees with modern science. If you’re looking for Javanese postnatal massage with uterine repositioning (sengkak), traditional binding (bengkung) or herbs (jamu), we won’t be the right choice for you.


Our modern approach to postnatal massage is threefold:

  • Relieve muscular tension due to breastfeeding and postpartum changes
  • Facilitate mummy’s natural healing process
  • Reduce stress and elevate mood


So Mummy can feel whole again and return to Baby happy, relaxed and stronger in body and spirit.

How ALEYDA Postnatal Massage is Different

Our postnatal therapists provide therapeutic massages aimed at:

  • narrowing the abdominal gap (diastasis recti) to reduce the belly bulge;
  • relieving aches in the neck and shoulders due to breastfeeding and side-sleeping;
  • relieving aches in the lower back due to pelvic misalignments and poor posture;
  • using aromatherapy to combat postpartum depression and elevate mood;
  • reducing water retention and facilitating weight loss;
  • facilitating scar-tissue healing for C-section.
Postnatal massage- A women relaxing being massage

Our professional postnatal massage includes:

  • A plush, ergonomic treatment table
  • Fresh and luxurious spa linen
  • Aromatherapy oil that’s safe for mom and baby
  • Expert care of a qualified massage therapist
  • Medical grade binder (optional add-on)

Our Booking Lines

Postnatal mommy care
Postnatal Mommy Care

Why Choose Us

Trusted since 2010 by Locals & Expats
Mobile Team with Full Equipment
Expert Care of Highly Qualified Therapists
Excellent Google Rating of 4.9 out of 5

Professional Care & Setup

Established in 2010, ALEYDA is today Singapore’s leading mobile spa, trusted by both local and expat communities. Our professional home massage comes complete with ergonomic treatment table, fresh linen, soothing music and the expert care of the industry’s best therapists.

Feel Whole Again

ALEYDA’s mission is to help our clients “feel whole again”. Our home massages are personalised, and grounded on the scientific principles of therapeutic massage. We integrate healing modalities with spa relaxation, so you’ll feel light, energetic and whole in no time.

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The therapists are amazing, personable, and consistent! Would highly recommend it to everyone!
Akiko Otao
Sep 2020
I had a post-natal massage done with Jean and she was amazing. Highly recommended!
Ludovica Tomarchio
Oct 2020
“Aleyda has been providing mobile services since 2010 and is a well-established name in the home-call beauty wellness scene.”
CNA Lifestyle
Mar 2020
“The whole experience had a positive effect on my body and mind… mums, we deserve this!”
Expat Living
Sep 2020
Aleyda Mobile Spa has long been considered one of the top sources for the best home massage services in Singapore. It’s also quite a well-spoken name for…its pregnancy and postnatal massage.
Mar 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in Mummy’s natural ability to heal and return to her pre-pregnancy condition after childbirth. In most cases, the uterus shrinks naturally and returns to its rightful position behind the pubic bone, between the colon and the bladder. However, we do provide safe and gentle uterine massage to facilitate womb contraction and discharge of lochia. 

However, sometimes due to heavy lifting or difficult labour, some mummies suffer from complications such as uterine prolapse, retroversion / flexion and anteversion / flexion. Postpartum haemorrhage also occurs in about 2% of childbirths. We believe the gynaecologist is best qualified to evaluate these and other complications.

We recommend that you breastfeed your baby or empty your breasts so that you’re comfortable and less likely to “let down” during the massage. When your baby is sated, you can also relax better. Lastly, take a shower if your confinement practice allows it, especially if you plan on wearing the belly binder.

Otherwise, we will bring everything else necessary for the massage – a treatment table, fresh linen and massage oils. Just ensure you have ample space for the treatment table.

Postnatal massage is generally recommend for the following therapeutic benefits:

  • Better blood and lymph circulation;
  • Less water retention, thus facilitating weight loss;
  • Lower postpartum stress, anxiety and depression;
  • Better postpartum hormone balance;
  • Less pain, less fatigue and better sleep;
  • Faster recovery to pre-pregnancy condition.

The postpartum abdominal binder / wrap is optional unless you have had a C-section, in which case we urge you to wear it. If you have had a natural delivery, we recommend that you wear a belly binder to support your spine as it returns to its original state. It also helps to hold the internal organs together and stabilise your core, so you can move around and balance more easily. 

Contrary to popular belief, the postnatal binder is NOT meant for slimming.

ALEYDA’s postpartum abdominal binder is a medical-grade one that comes in three parts: for the waist, abdomen and pelvis. Our therapist will teach you or an assistant how to put them on properly, so that you can manage on your own between massage sessions.

The treatment table is crucial to every ALEYDA full-body massage, to ensure that your treatment is effective and comfortable. It has a face hole that allows you to rest face down with your neck in the neutral position. It is also firm, unlike your house mattress which sinks easily when put under pressure.

If you’re unable to lie face down due to breast engorgement, C-section or any other reason, you can adopt a side-lying position, like in prenatal sessions.

Post-massage soreness is typical of a deep-tissue massage. The feeling is similar to soreness after a good workout and should subside within 24 to 72 hours. If you feel that the massage is too deep or painful for you, do let the therapist know right away so that she can adjust her manipulation.

You will feel more sore if you:

  • Have many knots and stiff muscles
  • Don’t drink enough water
  • Are not accustomed to massage therapy
  • Are deficient in some minerals, such as magnesium and zinc

At any point you feel uncomfortable during the massage, just ask the therapist to make adjustments. If the therapist is still unable to relieve your discomfort, you can ask to end the massage immediately. You are allowed to stop the session within the first 15 minutes without incurring a charge.

Feel free to give feedback to the therapist during the massage to get the most out of your session. 

Our therapists provide breast massage to promote circulation, lymph flow and lactation. However, if your breasts are painfully engorged, especially with fever, please consult your gynaecologist or lactation specialist. This is outside the scope of our specialty.
Our postnatal service doesn’t require an early start because you don’t rely on the therapist to put on the binder for you. In fact, most of our postnatal clients prefer afternoon/evening slots as it allows them to settle baby matters first and they can wind down to a massage in the later part of the day.

Please inform us by phone, WA or text at least three hours before your appointment if you need to cancel or postpone your session. Otherwise a 50% cancellation fee is chargeable.