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I feel more alive.

Selene Adams
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Aleyda Mobile Spa redefines luxury by bringing the spa experience to your doorstep. Our professional home massage comes complete with ergonomic massage equipment, fresh linen, spa music and expert care of the industry’s best therapists. Established in 2010, Aleyda is today Singapore’s leading mobile spa, trusted by both local and expat communities.

So if you’d like to enjoy top-notch massage in the convenience of home, look no further.

Our Professional Set-Up

Includes: Ergonomic treatment table or monkey chair and foot rest, fresh spa linen, music and expert care of a qualified massage therapist.

Our mission is to help our clients “feel whole again”. As such, our home massages are personalised, and grounded on the scientific principles of therapeutic massage. We integrate healing modalities with spa relaxation, so you’ll feel whole again in no time.

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Trusted since 2010 by Locals & Expats
Mobile Team with Full Equipment
Expert Care of Highly Qualified Therapists
Excellent Rating of 4.9 out of 5 Stars

Our Booking Lines

NOTE: Our massages are therapeutic and non-sensual in nature.

Swedish or deep tissue home massage with oil
Full-Body Massage

Swedish, Deep-Tissue or Shiatsu massage on our plush treatment table.

Close up of foot reflexology
Foot Reflexology

Taiwanese foot reflexology for foot reconditioning and holistic health.

Woman having back massage and foot reflexology in home spa
Back Rub & Foot Reflexology

Remedial back massage on the monkey chair and Taiwanese foot reflexology.

Pretty lady having a massage
Smooth & Soothe (120 min)

Rose body polish, followed by our 90 min signature body massage with freshly blended aromatherapy oils. The ultimate pampering for special occasions.

Pregnant woman representing prenatal massage
Prenatal Mommy Care

Recommended for expectant moms from Week 15 of pregnancy.

Baby feed representing postnatal massage
Postnatal Mommy Care

Sessions begin one week after natural delivery and six weeks after C-section.


Anti-cellulite coffee scrub
Body Scrub (30min)

Deep exfoliation using organic and hypoallergenic body scrubs.

lavender oil and mortar with fresh lavender

Our signature blend infuses the restorative properties of lavender, bergamot, geranium and ylang ylang.

Magnesium for muscle recovery
Magnesium Therapy

Offers rapid relief from muscles aches, reduces inflammation, improves joint mobility and promotes sleep.

home massage head
Mindful Meltaway (15min)

Dissolves tension and provides a serene escape for your body and mind.

home massage foot
Sole Therapy (30min)

Soothes tired feet and complements body massage for holistic well-being and comfort.

home scar-massage
Scar Soother (15min)

Diminishes adhesions, improves flexibility and promotes scar healing for enhanced comfort and mobility.

home breast massage
Mammo Care (15min)

Promotes lymphatic flow and enhances overall breast health. For non-lactating women only.

home diastasis recti massage
Diastasis Recti Healing (20min)

Reduces diastasis-recti gap caused by weight gain or pregnancy to improve core strength.

Prices above exclude parking and ERP charges. A $30 surcharge per therapist also applies to in-room massages in hotels and serviced apartments.

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Mentions & Accolades

Aleyda Mobile Spa selects only the most talented candidates to join its ranks... They know deep-tissue techniques well, how to press to break knots, and are happy to explain the procedure to their customers.
Aleyda has been providing mobile services since 2010 and is a well-established name in the home-call beauty wellness scene.
Aleyda Mobile Spa has long been considered one of the top sources for the best home massage services in Singapore. It’s also quite a well-spoken name for…its pregnancy and postnatal massage.
That night, I sleep like a baby… My tense shoulders are less tight and my head feels magically lighter. I should make this a regular!
Averaging 5 to 20 years of massage experience, Aleyda’s therapists are experts at relieving sore pregnancy muscles, particularly in the neck/shoulders, lower back and buttock areas.
Aleyda Mobile Spa is a great choice if you are searching for a premium massage experience in Singapore. The team knows that making the extra effort to go out for treatment can be difficult when you’re feeling pained, drained or strained

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Individual Testimonials

My experience with Aleyda was very pleasant as they were quick to response, making an appointment with them was quick and easy. Special thanks to therapist, Veron, for being punctual and professional. The massage aids with my neck and shoulder pain. Feels extremely good after the massage. Would definitely recommend this service to my friends and family.
Elicia Ang
June 2023
Been engaging Aleyda for the past year and I absolutely have loved it so far. They have sent different therapists to me before and I can definitely say that all of them are very well-trained and skilled. They know how to help with the areas I have problems with, and also advise on how to maintain my body’s condition. The admin and staff that help to transport the equipment are also very efficient and kind and it makes me feel at ease when I engage them. Definitely worth the money!
Amalyna Amran
May 2023
(The therapists) have magical hands and smiles. They came early to set up the tables and are ready on the dot. The pressure is just perfect and they know how to handle pain & knots very well. I fell asleep during the massage, which is rare (that's how relaxed I was).
Natasha Angeline
May 2023
I have been engaging several home massage providers on and off, and Aleyda is by far my best. Super comfy bed, clean sheets and excellent deep-tissue massage! Special mention to my therapist, Tata, who fixed my neck and gave me a good night’s sleep. It was a long time coming. Will definitely call them again! 🙂
3 August 2022
I have been engaging aleyda mobile spa for the past 2 years mainly for deep tissue massage, foot reflexology and pre-natal massage. Skill and technique from masseurs are fantastic and agile. I felt much lighter, energetic and revitalised after each massage session regardless of the type of massage and therapist assigned. All painful and aching muscle knots were eliminated which contributed to an entire week of good night's rest.
Reii Himeko
August 2022
Been trying Aleyda Mobile Spa for a few times now. They sent me 3 therapists for these few bookings. All the 3 therapists had magic hands. Pearl, Agnes and Tata are not only friendly, but they explain and teach me how to look after my pain. Now for me the price is worth paying. The price is really worth it because my pain is gone not only for one or two days, it is gone for a really very long time. That's why now I'm trying to book them every month to maintain my pain.
Suriya Wati
June 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Please ensure you set aside ample space for our massage equipment. We will bring the linen, oils and everything else needed for the massage.

  • Body massage: 2.5m x 1.5m for our treatment table
  • Back massage: 2m x 1m for our monkey chair
  • Foot reflexology: 1m x 0.5m space for our footrest and a chair for you to sit

If you’re paying by cash, please ensure you have exact change. Otherwise, you can opt for PayNow or online payment.

No. The treatment table is crucial to every ALEYDA full-body home massage, to ensure that your treatment is effective and comfortable. It has a face hole that allows you to rest face down with your neck in the neutral position. It is also firm, unlike your house mattress which sinks easily when put under pressure.

Post-massage soreness is typical of a deep-tissue massage. The feeling is similar to soreness after intense exercise, which should subside within 72 hours. If you do not wish to feel pain or soreness, do let the therapist know so that she can adjust her manipulation.

You will typically experience more soreness if you:

  • Don’t usually have massages
  • Have lots of muscle tension and knots
  • Don’t drink enough water, affecting your muscle suppleness
  • Are deficient in some minerals, such as zinc and magnesium

Should you experience discomfort or pain or are uncomfortable for any reason during a massage, you should immediately ask the therapist to make adjustments. If the therapist is still unable to relieve your discomfort, you can ask to end the massage immediately. We allow you to stop the session within the first 15 minutes without incurring a charge.

Feel free to give feedback to the therapist during the massage to get the most out of your session. All our therapists are English-speaking and respond well to feedback.

We only require three minutes for setup and packing up our equipment. If this is your first time having a home massage with us, please more time for client consultation. The setup and packing times are not part of the treatment duration.

If you wish to cancel or postpone your home spa appointment, please inform us via telephone, WhatsApp or text message at least three hours before your appointment time. Otherwise a 50% cancellation fee is payable; full charge if therapist has already arrived.