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Established in 2010, ALEYDA Mobile Spa is Singapore’s leading mobile spa. We provide house-calls and serve at private and corporate events, so no two days are the same. Our team comprises some of the best therapists in town, providing five-star service in Singapore.

About Us – ALEYDA Mobile Spa

On Labour Day of 2010, ALEYDA was established to help people heal through massage therapy. The mobile spa was chosen as its modus operandi, because when you’re feeling pained, drained or strained, making the extra effort to go out for a treatment can be difficult.

ALEYDA Mobile Spa® was thus born, and now you can “enjoy your spa, anywhere!”

ALEYDA is an old Greek name that personifies wisdom, creativity, inspiration, courage and strength. We believe that anyone can possess all these attributes and more, if (s)he attains top form.


We envision a world where people are able to realise their full potential, free from all inhibitions. In that spirit, we work towards our mission to spread healing and education, so people can “feel whole again” and be the best versions of themselves…


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