Benefits of Head Massage: A Blissful Journey to Relaxation

benefits of head massage- picture of a women getting a head massage

Picture this: a long day of work, deadlines looming, and stress piling up. Your shoulders ache, your neck feels tight, and your mind is a whirlwind of chaos. What you need is not just a break but a blissful escape that targets the epicentre of your stress – your head! Welcome to the world of […]

Postnatal Massage: Benefits and Safety Considerations

Postnatal benefits- a mother holding a baby

What is postnatal massage? Postnatal or postpartum massage is a style of full-body massage that occurs within the first six weeks of childbirth. It serves to facilitate recovery of the mother and return of her reproductive organs to their pre-pregnancy condition. Traditional postpartum massage in Southeast Asia has strong roots in the Indonesian Javanese tradition. […]

Modern Postnatal Massage for Safe & Effective Recovery

Post natal recovery- a mother and her kid

Craving physical and mental relief following childbirth? We think you need a postnatal massage.  Traditional postpartum massage has come a long way since its beginnings some 1300 years ago. In Singapore and the region, it used to be the dominion of the Malays, due to its strong Javanese origins. Today, numerous training institutions in Singapore […]