Common Misconceptions About Prenatal Massage Debunked

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Pregnancy is an alluring journey filled with joy and anticipation. But it’s also surrounded by tales that have passed down generations. One such myth revolves around prenatal massage or mommy massage, which is often misunderstood and sometimes overlooked. In this article, we will unravel the truth behind some common misconceptions about prenatal massage in Singapore and uncover its benefits for expectant mothers at every stage of pregnancy.

1. Myth: Prenatal Massage is Unsafe

There’s a widespread misconception that prenatal massage is risky for both mother and baby. The truth is, when properly administered by a qualified therapist in a reputable establishment, prenatal massage is not only safe but also beneficial. Well-trained therapists will use proper equipment and can even personalise the massage to fit your needs, all while keeping you comfortable. If you are unsure about starting the massages, we recommend that you consult your gynaecologist.

2. Myth: It’s Only for the Last Trimester

Contrary to popular belief, therapeutic prenatal massage offers benefits throughout all stages of pregnancy. From easing discomfort in the early months to reducing stress and promoting relaxation in the later stages, the therapies are tailored to provide you comfort and relief from conception to delivery.

3. Myth: Pregnancy Massage In the First Trimester is Dangerous

While the industry practice in Singapore is to wait until after the first trimester before having a massage, there’s no concrete evidence suggesting that massage for pregnant women in the early stages is unsafe. Having said that, make sure that the therapists have specialised prenatal care training and take all precautions to give you a safe and comfortable experience. Alternatively, you may wish to prioritise your safety by consulting with your doctor before indulging in any massages.

4. Myth: Limited Techniques

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all massages. Each pregnancy is unique, and so are the applicable massage methods. Therapists who are well-trained in various massage techniques, from gentle Swedish strokes to targeted acupressure, will be more versatile to tailor the massage experience to the needs and preferences of the expectant mother.

5. Myth: It’s Just Touch Therapy

While prenatal massage does provide relaxation, its therapeutic effects go beyond mere touch therapy. Effective massages can alleviate multiple pregnancy-related discomforts, such as back pain and water retention, and address specific conditions like sciatica. Thanks to the skilled hands of the massage therapist, both you and your baby can enjoy relief and achieve overall well-being.

6. Myth: No Impact on Baby

Mothers and babies have a deep bond that can be strengthened through massage. As you relax and experience a reduction in maternal stress hormones, your body creates a harmonious environment that benefits your child. So, prenatal massages are not just about pampering but rather nurturing the health and happiness of you and your precious bundle.

Pregnant  Woman Lying On Bed And Having Prenatal Massage On Belly

7. Myth: It Can Be Harmful to Baby

The truth is quite the opposite. In fact, prenatal massage can have many positive effects on both mother and baby’s health. It works to relieve stress and improve circulation, which plays a part in a healthier pregnancy journey. Remember, a happy and stress-free mom means a happy and healthy baby.

Now that we’ve debunked these common misconceptions about prenatal massage, it’s time for you to put your well-being and happiness first. At Aleyda Mobile Spa, we’re committed to providing safe, effective, and personalised massage therapies that meet the unique needs of expectant mothers. Say goodbye to myths and hello to relaxation, rejuvenation, and a healthier pregnancy with our prenatal and postnatal massage services!

Pick up a session today, and let us take care of you and your precious one. Or do you know someone who’s in the family way? Our personalized massage gift vouchers will be one treat she will remember for life!

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