The Ultimate Guide to Postnatal Massage: What to Expect

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Pregnancy and childbirth take a huge toll on the body. As you adjust to a new normal without your baby inside of you, you should take every opportunity to rest and rejuvenate your mind and body. One of the best ways to do this is through postnatal massages. This specialised treatment not only helps you relax but also speeds up your recovery to a pre-pregnancy condition.

If you’re in Singapore and looking for the best postnatal massage home service, Aleyda Mobile Spa has got you covered. Here’s what to expect when you engage us for your postnatal recovery:

1. When to Book a Session

When is a good time to start postnatal massage? If you had a vaginal delivery, you can begin as early as week two postpartum. For C-section delivery, we recommend you wait till week seven. Be sure to pre-book your sessions as early as you can to secure your preferred therapist and time slots.

2. Frequency of Massages

If you are purchasing a postnatal package, we recommend spreading out your sessions throughout your puerperium (the postpartum period lasting around six weeks). You do not need to have a massage every day to enjoy the benefits of postnatal massages. The effects can still be felt several days after, and your muscles need time to recover. Twice, or at most thrice weekly, would suffice.

Post Natal Massages

3. Personalised Consultation

During the booking process, you must complete a mandatory e-consult form to ensure you have the all-clear for a massage. When the massage therapist arrives for your session, you can also bring to her attention any specific needs and concerns so that she can personalise the postnatal massage for you.

4. Preparing the Space

As a full-service mobile spa, the treatment table is an integral part of our service. All we need is a working space of 1.5 meters by 2.3 meters. Soft lighting and some air conditioning will also elevate your experience. We will take care of the rest – fresh linen, safe oils, and soothing music.

Mother Feeds The Baby Bottle

5. Preparing Your Baby

Before your postnatal massage, make sure that your baby has been fed and changed so that you can have uninterrupted me-time. Emptying your breasts just before the session allows you to lie comfortably in a prone position and minimises the chances of letting down midway. Then, leave your baby (or pets and other children) in the hands of a trusty caregiver as you let yourself be whisked away to dreamland!

6. Postnatal Massage Techniques

Our postnatal massage progresses from gentle and soothing techniques in the first half of the puerperium to deeper, more targeted techniques in the latter half. It is an oil-based massage performed using Bliss, an in-house formulation of citrusy and floral aromatherapy oils that combat depression and are safe for breastfeeding moms. If you have had a C-section or engorged breasts, you can request to lie on your side if that is more comfortable.

C Section Cesarean Heal Wound

6. Focus on Postpartum Recovery

The primary aim of our postnatal massage is to return your body to its pre-pregnancy state. This means working on diastasis recti (abdominal separation), reducing water retention and facilitating womb recovery. The secondary aim is to alleviate postpartum symptoms, such as back and shoulder aches caused by awkward posture during breastfeeding and a drastic drop in body weight. Postnatal massage also helps with hormonal regulation, bringing you to a more balanced state of body and mind.

7. Post-Massage Care

Many of our postnatal massage therapists are mothers, so feel free to consult them on post-massage care. They can let you in on some valuable tips about suitable exercises, proper nutrition, and self-care practices to enhance the benefits of the massage and support your postpartum recovery.

As a long-established tradition in Singapore for new moms, postnatal massage is absolutely a necessity, not just a luxury. It’s a time for you to relax, rejuvenate, and recover. At Aleyda Mobile Spa, we are committed to providing you with the best postnatal massage in Singapore. Our experienced therapists, personalised approach, and focus on postpartum recovery ensure that you have a truly relaxing and beneficial experience. Husbands, we also offer full-body massage home services in case you want to make it a spa date.

Book a postnatal massage with us today and experience the many benefits it has to offer!

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