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Corporate Wellness Program for Pain-Free Living

Aleyda Academy was established in 2015 to empower people with the right skills and knowledge to prevent and manage musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). We take a unique integrated approach to corporate-wellness education by drawing on our expertise in ergonomics, posture correction and massage therapy. 

By providing wellness consulting and education, we help individuals and employees restore their bodies, perform at their peak and feel whole again. 

Unknotify Wellness Box

Have you been suffering from muscular aches and pains? We’ve got your back! Unknotify is a wellness box put together by professional massage therapists to help you unknotify your muscle knots.

If you’ve been experiencing neck, shoulder, back or arm pain, know that you’re not alone – as many as 81% of desk workers share your pain.

But you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. With Unknotify wellness box, you can acquire the power to prevent and manage your aches and pains through therapeutic self-massage. Explore Unknotify here.

Unknotify Wellness Box containing DIY Massage Tools, Scented Candle and roll on Aromatherapy


Award-Winning Master Trainer

Designed by our award-winning master trainer, Aleyda’s corporate wellness program promises to be relevant, engaging and practical.

Our training content draws on our 10-year track record in the wellness and training industry. We aim to create consistent, whole-of-being wellness content to keep employees engaged, happy and healthy – no matter whether they are working from home or at the office.

Connect with our master trainer here.
Wellness Workshops
Duration: 75min
Class size: 25 - 30 pax


Home furniture is usually not ergonomically designed for office work, thus posing real challenges to those who work from home (WFH). Poor ergonomics is a major cause of undesirable musculoskeletal disorders, such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and lower-back pain. This impacts the health and productivity of employees, translating to high costs for businesses.

This two-part course has been developed to address the ergonomic challenges in the WFH context. It offers an overview of the basic principles of ergonomics and applies them to two situations covering most of our day: working at the computer and sleeping.

Ergonomics for Computer Workstation
Ergonomics of Sleep

Ergonomics of Your Workstation (WFH Edition)

Ergonomics of Sleep
(Coming soon!)


The current work-from-home (WFH) trend, particularly under poor ergonomic conditions, means that work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) are set to be on the rise. WMSDs are the most common ailments in the workplace, leading to absenteeism, lost productivity, reduced work quality, higher turnover and increased healthcare. They are also commonly linked to depression and increased risk of developing chronic diseases. Therefore, more than ever before, companies need to take proactive measures to combat WMSDs.

This two-part course has been designed to help employees manage and alleviate muscular tension commonly associated with WMSDs. It offers an introduction to the principles of therapeutic massage and their application to oneself. Special consideration is given to muscular pains caused by poor ergonomics in WFH setups and the improvisation of simple household objects for self-massage.

Pain Relief for Neck and Shoulder
Pain Relief for Lower Back

Pain Relief for Neck and Shoulder

Pain Relief for Lower Back

Posture and ergonomics are inextricably connected. What this means for those who work from home (WFH) under poor ergonomic conditions is that their posture will worsen over time. If remain uncorrected, poor posture leads to a downward spiral of musculoskeletal disorders that affect physical and mental health, productivity and motivation to work.

This two-part course has been crafted with these workers in mind. It introduces integrated approaches to posture correction that are easy, safe yet effective. Particular attention is given to WFH lifestyle characterised by hunching, prolonged sitting and repetitive movements.

Posture Correction for Upper Spine
Posture Correction for Lower Spine

Posture Correction for your Upper Spine

Posture Correction for your Lower Spine

Wellness Talk
Duration: 60min
Class size: Up to 95 pax

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrust many workers into the world of remote work, a new normal that is likely to stay for some time. As the body adapts to changing work environment and job demands, it takes a toll physically and mentally. The following talks have been developed to deal with the physical stresses arising from less-ideal remote-work arrangements.

Working Pain-Free and Productively From Home

How effectively can you work from home? Are you suffering from more aches and pains than when you were working in the office? This talk offers some clarity on how you could prevent pain and work more productively through better ergonomics, posture correction, and pain management.

Fighting the Sitting Disease

A growing body of research indicates that long periods of sitting raise your risk of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. This talk sheds light on the gravity of prolonged sitting and how to mitigate its effects.

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