If you love your muscles,
set them free.

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Wellness Box to Unknotify Your Muscles

Have you been suffering from muscular aches and pains? We’ve got your back! Unknotify is a wellness box put together by professional massage therapists to help you unknotify your muscle knots.

If you’ve been experiencing neck, shoulder, back or arm pain, know that you’re not alone – as many as 81% of desk workers share your pain.

But you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. With Unknotify wellness box, you can acquire the power to prevent and manage your aches and pains through therapeutic self-massage.

Who should get Unknotify?

  • The typical computer user with pain in the neck, shoulders, back, or arms.
  • Anyone who spends prolonged periods sitting, standing, looking down or working with the hands. 
  • The Human Resources manager who takes care of employee well-being or staff appreciation.
  • Anyone who wants to master the skills to manage their chronic aches and pains.

More than a Wellness Box


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Two-year access to an extensive video library on therapeutic self-massage


Illustration of self-massage tools

T-stick, massage ball and aromatherapy roll-on as massage aids


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Soothing spa tea and soy candle for an all-immersive, relaxing experience

Special Launch Price

Please enquire for corporate discounts.

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What Unknotify
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Frequently Asked Questions

Unknotify is not just any wellness box of curated products. Its greatest value lie in the how-to videos that demonstrate the use of the massage aids for various muscular aches and pains. These educational resources have been thoughtfully put together by experts with more a decade of experience in therapeutic massage. Together with the tea and candle, Unknotify offers an all-round experience that is immersive, insightful and impactful.

Musculoskeletal disorders amongst desk workers is real and has staggering consequences on company morale and productivity. What’s more, it was found in the U.K. that a whopping 89% of remote-workers who are in pain had not informed their employers. When used as directed, Unknotify helps employees understand and manage their muscular aches and pain. For the organisation, this translates to higher productivity and employee morale, as well as lower healthcare costs and absenteeism.

Each video guide is a two- to five-minute demonstration on how to unknotify a particular muscle group using the massage aids provided in the box. The accompanying diagrams and explanations offer insight into poor postural habits, pain symptoms and musculoskeletal disorders commonly associated with that muscle group.

Unknotify is the brainchild of Aleyda Academy – a team of pain-management specialists comprising massage therapists, exercise specialists and ergonomists. This DIY massage toolkit is our response to the surge in work-related musculoskeletal disorders following the shift towards homeworking.

Our sister company, Aleyda Mobile Spa provides therapeutic massages in the convenience of anywhere.

Currently, we only deliver to locations within Singapore. Doorstep delivery is $6. If you are making a bulk purchase for a non-Singapore location, however, do contact us and we will work out a way to ship the boxes over.