Five Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

Five Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

With Covid-restrictions still in place, mass team activities and buffet lunches seem to be a thing of the past. But fret not! Here are five ways to show appreciation to your staff on Employee Appreciation Day that are safe and still delightful.

1. Give Them a Pampering Treat

Give your staff a break from taking care of matters and let others take care of them for a change. While a trip to the spa may not be the wisest thing to do now, there are mobile spas who make doorstep services for a variety of spa treatments. Massage, hairdressing, manicure and pedicure are perennial favourites for staff appreciation.

During this time of pandemic, massage would rank high because many employees suffer from deteriorating musculoskeletal health while remote working. Massage provides short-term relief from pain associated with prolonged sitting and poor posture. It has also been found to clinically reduce blood pressure levels, strain, stress, and anxiety stemming from work-related stressors.

If you decide to organise a workplace massage, be sure to enforce safe-distancing measures. It’s better to have fewer massage stations and spread out over a longer period and bigger floor space than to pack in more stations. Otherwise, if your team is working fully from home, you can arrange for home massages on company time or send a massage voucher that staff can redeem at their own convenience in the safety of home.

Aleyda Mobile Spa offers all these different options: home massages, corporate massages and massage vouchers. We act as the organisation’s care agents by providing full-body massage, back massage and foot reflexology – all inclusive of equipment setup, fresh linen and the expert care of qualified massage therapists. This way of appreciating your staff’s hard work is sure to earn your staff’s appreciation in return!

Want manicure or pedicure in the workplace too? We’re happy to oblige!

2. Do Something Creative or Relaxing Together

Everyone needs a break from the pressures and routine of work every once in a while. Engaging in a non-work activity can deepen the bond between co-workers and employers. And you don’t have to spend a bomb to do this effectively! Simple activities such as interactive classes that foster team participation, even remotely, will provide employees with the same creative outlets to relieve stress. 

With virtual team-building becoming commonplace these days, a host of fun and creative activities have crept into the digital space – culinary competitions, team songwriting sessions, DIY arts and crafts, terrarium-making and many more. 

Another way to express appreciation is to take a vested interest in your employee wellness. If this resonates with you, consider Aleyda Academy‘s corporate wellness programme. We recommend our most popular self-massage series, which has received high praise for its practicality, effectiveness and engagement. It empowers employees to manage their musculoskeletal aches and pains using therapeutic-massage techniques known only to the finest massage therapists. Conducted virtually, it also provides a way for you to check in on your employees and keep them connected, happy and healthy. 

Other pertinent topics offered by Aleyda Academy, especially in this stressful climate of remote working, include ergonomics and posture correction.

3. Get Them a Thoughtful Gift

Everyone loves receiving gifts, from the office clerk to the vice-president. Regardless of their value, gifts are often appreciated. It’s the thought that counts.

Getting the right type of gift can be a little tricky, though. You don’t want a repeat of the annual Christmas gift exchange! Ensure that the gift is appropriate and equitably distributed. Employers would not want to risk being seen as playing favourites or displaying inappropriate behaviour at the workplace. Furthermore, be mindful of injecting implied expectations to the gift.

A gift that is practical and useful is also more likely to be retained by employees than relegated to the trash bin. Aleyda’s signature aromatherapy blend, Tranquility, makes for a very thoughtful token of appreciation. Blended on-demand with therapeutic and calming essential oils, Tranquility comes in a convenient roll-on bottle that they can carry around.

Numerous studies have found that workplace aromatherapy helps alleviate psychical and psychological work-related stressors. By gifting aromatherapy products, you are making a statement that you care for your employees’ well-being. For all the work stresses they undertake, employees deserve some tranquillity, don’t you think?

4. Write a Personalised Thank You Card

During the pre-internet era, receiving and giving handwritten cards would hardly raise eyebrows. Today, text messages and store-bought gift cards have almost completely wiped out this old tradition. This is truly sad, because handwritten cards have been reported to boost positive emotions and well-being for both expresser and recipient!

Employers can kickstart this tradition of writing thank you cards in the office, and Employee Appreciation Day is a golden opportunity to normalise expressing gratitude. There’s no need to worry about things getting awkward because the same study revealed just how delightfully surprised the recipients were after receiving the card and the expresser’s worries about making things awkward were quickly dispelled. Here are some Hallmark-inspired ideas to include in the card:

1. Thanks for doing what you do!
2. You are appreciated for all you do.
3. Never doubt the difference you make. It’s huge.
4. The work you do is important and so appreciated.
5. For all you do—and for the kind, thoughtful way you do it.
6. You go above and beyond daily. But lately, you’ve been going above-er and beyond-er.
7. Just wanted to express our deep gratitude for the dedicated work you do day after day.

5. Buy Them Lunch

Free team lunches do an excellent job at bringing people in the office together. It promotes cohesion and allows employers to get to know the people that keep the company up and running.

Unfortunately, remote working has made it difficult for teams to have lunch in a common space. But before you strike off communal lunch completely, consider these safer alternatives:

First, arrange for lunch to be delivered to your employees’ homes, and have everyone check into a virtual room to eat together. Logistically this can be a nightmare if there are different dietary restrictions and preferences, and finding merchants in different residential locations who can cater to them. It takes careful, advance planning to order from food-delivery platforms the likes of GrabFood, FoodPanda and Deliveroo, or from the merchants directly.

Second, arrange for bento sets to be delivered to the workplace. This way, employees who come to work can enjoy their meals at their respective workstations. Such an arrangement might not allow for much team-bonding but will be well appreciated nonetheless. Good food creates good mood!

There you have it, five safe ways for the organisation to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. No matter which options you decide on, the result will likely be the same – delighted, grateful and motivated employees. Be sure to make your efforts count!

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